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Call for Nominations


Our greatest strengths at Rutgers University – Newark derive from the extraordinary diversity of perspectives and talents that we bring to our work. Our experiences individually and in community inspire us to make an impact on the challenges facing the world, which we do in a myriad of ways at our university every day. Some of us use cutting edge brain imaging technologies to discover interventions that will mitigate the disparate impacts of disease on people of different ethnicities. Some of us work with community partners to reverse the disproportionate effects of climate change on low-income communities. Some of us create academic pathways and programs to close the achievement gap among students of different backgrounds. Some of us work with our multilingual student population to educate immigrant communities about their rights, health, and housing. One of the goals of Rutgers-Newark is to weave a more inclusive social fabric throughout our communities, and we continually look for innovative ways to support our students, faculty, and staff on pathways to success. These represent just a handful of ways that members of our community work to create a better world, and they are well worth celebrating.

Award Categories

To celebrate the amazing work that members of our community have done, we are introducing a Rutgers University – Newark recognition program: the Chancellor’s Impact Awards. The intention of this program is to provide an opportunity to call special attention to and recognize examples of “where opportunity meets excellence” in our landscape of high-impact work in five broad categories.

• Teaching
In this category, we will recognize impacts made not just in the act of teaching, but in innovative approaches to curriculum and program development that reflect our institutional values.

• Community Engagement & Partnerships: Subcategories for Faculty/Staff and for Student Leadership
We will make awards in this category to faculty/staff and separately to students to recognize impacts made through establishing and/or strengthening collaborative projects with community partners related to the fulfillment of the university’s role as an anchor institution, whether in the realm of publicly engaged scholarship, pedagogy, the enhancement of student development or student life, or organizational improvement of the university.

• Research and Creative Accomplishment
In this category, we will recognize impacts made through research and creative accomplishment that advance scholarly agendas by pushing the envelope of knowledge and understanding on questions and challenges at the root of major public problems.

• Enhancing the Student Experience
In this category, we will recognize impacts made on the lives of students in any aspect of their lives at Rutgers-Newark, including academic and student life, as well as innovations in strengthening administrative supports to help students thrive.

• Enhancing the Faculty/Staff Experience
In this category, we will recognize impacts that enable faculty and/or staff members to thrive in any aspect of their lives at Rutgers-Newark, as professionals, colleagues, and/or engaged community members.


The Chancellor’s Impact Award will recognize work done between January 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Current Rutgers University – Newark faculty, staff, and students are eligible for nomination as individuals or teams. Anyone from the Rutgers University community (faculty, staff, student, alumni, anchor or community partner) can nominate an individual or a team. Self-nominations will be accepted.

Nomination Process

The required nomination form may be found at

Deadline for Nominations

The deadline for nominations is February 15, 2022. Award winners will be announced April 15, 2022.

Please direct all questions to: